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Favourite Quarantine Entertainment

Favourite Quarantine Entertainment

We all are stuck at our homes these days. Despite the fact that Lockdown 2.0 has began, life is still stopped at the standstill. Nothing is same anymore. We can’t go out to chill with friends anytime we want. There are no more Saturday Night Discos. Even going out for movies isn’t the same anymore. Life has somehow become boring and ‘not-so-happening’ all of a sudden. Even though we are still burdened from just the same amount of workload, targets and meetings, the FUN factor kind of seems to be missing from our lives.

If you too feel your days being dragged like nothing else, the highlight of your days missing and there seems to the feeling of missing out, there worry not. There are ways and means by which we can make the most of this time that we all have and enjoy it to the fullest. There are many activities that can be done by one and all to enjoy the little things in our lives. 

We have come with some of the coolest quarantine activities that are bound to make your life awesome once again. Try these out and have a blast!

  1. Binge watching and chillin’

At the top of the list is the activity that many of us must be doing to enjoy. There is nothing better than enjoying the “me-time” with your list of series and movies. You can stay up the whole night in your pyjamas without a single worry in life. Well, yeah, there are things to be worried about. Like corona, bills, the fact that you still haven’t received your salary, you’re missing your friend a lot, and many more. But that’s the thing. You can get a cup of coffee, or some chocolates or maybe a bowl full of your favorite ice-cream and let all the worrries wander off your mind for some time. It’s a thing you’re never going to regret.

2. Family Bonding Time

Yeah sure, we all enjoyed it when we got some time for our families when Corona was in the early stages. The time to be together and bond wasn’t available earlier due to the fast pace of our lives. But now, many of us are bored and agitated to be locked in such enclosed spaces for a long period of time. And consequently getting farther away emotionally than before due to lack of privacy and spending too much time together without any sort of respite. In fact, according to the several researches, many couples in India and abroad, have started to file for divorce for irreconcilable differences. It’s merely because of the fact that they just can’t spend a lot of time together. Now it’s high time that we turn our shortcomings into our strong points. Look for common interests to enjoy the things that both of you like.

3. Gardening

If you have a green thumb and even if you don’t, this is your one time chance when you have a lot of free time to start or continue this hobby. Gardening is one activity that is bound to pay you back in heaps. It’s a good time to start organic farming for some of the things you might need in your everyday life. As a result, you won’t have to go out to shop for your vegetables several times. Also, it tastes better when you grow them yourself. Try it out to see how it goes.

4. Rekindle your love for singing or dancing


If you are one of those who had to give up their dreams of becoming the biggest star because of adulting and career, then this is your chance. Pick up the groove and let the beat bring you back to life.  So what you are not who you dreamed to be. There are ways and mediums like never before at your disposal now. Showcase your talent. Practice and improve. See the magic. Even if doesn’t lead to much success or recognition, atleast it will bring back the radiance of your beautiful face and give you something to look forward to. Try it for the smile you’re feeling pushing at your lips right now.

5. Time to read and write again

If you ever had a thing for reading and writing in life, this is the golden period of your life. The free time at your hands will never be back like this. If there are some books that you feel you should write or a story that you should tell, do it now. Even if you liked to write poetry back in college or maybe sher-o-shayari was more of your thing, start again. It’s one thing that is bound to bring back the happy feelings back in your life.

6. Art and Designing

If you too have an eye for detail or love for artwork, give it a try. You can start drawing or maybe just sketching. Start with simple and easy techniques and go with the flow. Let your creative juices flow. Even you will be surprised with the things you discover. The world is your canvas. Enjoy!! 


If there are other activities that you feel should be in the list of the favourite quarantine activities, let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, enjoy the best of your free time to the fullest. Ciao!!