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Uphaar-E-Muskan : A Campaign To Help Visually Impaired Students And Bring Smile On Their Faces

Uphaar-E-Muskan : A Campaign To Help Visually Impaired Students And Bring Smile On Their Faces

We, as a part of team mad crayons trying to bring an initiative in the spotlight of social cause to help visually challenged children/teenagers with the support of everyone who believes in humanity and sharing love. ‘Upahaar-E-Muskaan‘ is an event and campaign launched by mad crayons for the purpose of collecting gifts, donations and appeal to people for spending their some slice of time with these specially abled kids of a blind school. This is not only for intention it’s about action in order bring chunks of happiness and collective celebration among these underprivileged and ignored visually challenged.

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties” a beautiful quote said by Hellen Keller, a blind and deaf legend who was more than an inspiration. Blindness or any physical disability is not any curse which should be regretted throughout the life. There are many gripping and stunning success stories of people who are either born blind or became visually impaired at some stage of their life. There are millions of blinds and visually impaired across the globe most of them are not getting deserved opportunities, facilities, cooperation and respect. There are immense number of non-profit organizations and blind relief associations/groups who are running themselves effectively to work for their betterment.

Nearly 40 million people in India including 1.6 million children, are blind or visually impaired due to uncorrected refractive error. The shocking as well as miserable fact is that as against a national requirement of 1.2 lakh of optometrists in the nation, India has only 40,000 and that too in mostly urban and sub-urban regions. These are the estimates that has been suggested by World Health Organization (WHO). Keeping the facts and condition of many underprivileged blind children, every initiative to help them in any way deserves appreciation in order to bring a change. Gradually with collective efforts we can make them equipped emotionally, mentally, socially and medically to live their life like a normal person, who they actually are.

We believe in idea of sharing care, delivering smile and gifting happines. A pinch of support and contribution can help innocence to evolve and create a history. ‘Upahaar-E-Muskaan’ is calling you to come forward and show your support, share your success story, be an inspiration and express yourself beautifully to make someone motivated, to make someone live their life like they own it. Share stories, give feedback, propose suggestions, we are here to ideate the betterment as per our caliber and support.

We are organising an event named “UPHAAR-E-MUSKAN” to help these visually inspiring students with some gifts, by giving them the things they need in their daily life to be a success story. We will be organising a program on 22nd December in which they will show their special talent and they can win prizes. There will be refreshments for them. The event will be to inspire them to do better in their life. We will highlight their special talent, help them get some sponsorship and we will help them too by giving them the things they needed.

Come on join our campaign by visiting the Andh Vidyalaya , Panchkuiyan Road and donate something to them by visiting there if you can or otherwise you can donate on this given link to make the event a successful so we can help them and can bring smile to their faces.