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How To Get More Views And Follows On Social Media

How To Get More Views And Follows On Social Media

Unless you want to artificially bloat your followers who are inactive and non-responsive in your attempts to connect with them, don’t look for hacks. Growing your follower base and consumer of your content, go long. Use tactics and strategies to build an audience over time. One that is engaging, responsive and a lover of your brand image. In order to do that you can follow this guide we have created.

  1. Follow relevant accounts
  2. Have a brand image 
  3. Create and post good content
  4. Be relevant 
  5. Make use of paid promotional tools
  6. Use hashtags
  7. Engage

1- Follow relevant accounts

In order to start somewhere this is the place. Start following accounts similar to what you do and brands or companies or people in similar interest. Most probably people will start following you from those accounts at times if not, that is not our aim. The aim here is to see what is going on around in that area of interest and work. To see what people and companies are working on in order to find ideas and gaps.

2 – Have a brand image

If you are a company you already have a brand image and identity ready, if you are an individual and haven’t decided on one, start building one. Your brand image is how people see you and perceive things about you. Your posts and interactions with people need to be based on your brand image in order to maintain a consistency in your communications. This consistency helps your audience identify with you properly and give you a distinct identity that sets you apart from others.

3 – Creating and posting good content

This is one of the fundamentals. If you have good content, people will eventually follow and view your communications. It is a necessity to invest in creating meaningful content in order to reach more audience. Make sure your content adds to already existing base of knowledge available on the internet, make sure it is consistent with your brand image and most importantly if your audience wants to know about those things. Create content that you know your audience will love and like to interact with.

4 – Be relevant

Next step is to promote content of other people, repost, retweet, share. This puts you in direct contact with people following those content. This also exposes you to a greater number of people than your target audience, in turn helping you to expand your user base if possible. The thing to remind yourself here is the fact to be relevant, if you post content that is irrelevant and inconsistent with your brand image, you’ll start losing interest from your audience.

5 – Make use of paid professional tools.

This is very simple, just make sure if you have a budget to work on, you can use the promotional tools on social media websites. This way reaching a greater audience becomes exponentially easier.

6 – Use hashtags

This is another simpler way to reach a wider audience. Make it a point to use the hashtags wisely and ones that are relevant to you. Think of it like a resource page where people of those interests will be able to find you. This way you can have views outside of your followers and greater chances of being seen by other people.

7 – In order to maintain a healthy and communicative relationship with your existing audience, engage. The more you engage with your existing audience likelier it is that they will spread a word about you. Contests, games, quizzes, prizes, etc. All these ways you can keep your audience happy. 

In the end isn’t it all about being a part of your audience and trying to connect with them more?