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The Ultimate Guide To Post A Job On Facebook

The Ultimate Guide To Post A Job On Facebook

There are 1.09 billion active users on Facebook. It is one of the most popular platforms right now. The perfect candidate that you are looking for may not be actively searching job boards for work, but there’s a good chance they’ve got a Facebook account. Using Facebook ads for recruiting employees might be a good option to get good candidates. Here are some tips on how to post jobs on Facebook with the Facebook jobs feature.

1. Know what is a job posting.

Start with simply posting about a job description. A job description is a piece of writing meant for internal use.  It contains expectations, duties, and qualifications that are needed for a role. On the other hand, a job posting is written for external use. It is meant to attract the attention of applicants, get them to drop everything and apply for your position. Everything in that post is mainly focused on the potential candidate. It includes a branded image with a testimonial from an actual employee.

2. Start the text of the post with a question

When you are running a Facebook ad, you should start the post with a question. Whoever is reading it should answer it. This is a very common theme on Facebook job postings and advertising in general. It works quite well and gives you definite results.

3. Boost your post.

Boosting your post is an easy way to let many people see your post. By doing this your post will appear higher in your audience’s news feed. Users who haven’t yet liked your page will also come across it.

4. Target an audience .

Facebook provides a number of ways to target your job posts. By doing this you can target the most relevant candidates to see it. You can use the filters to include and exclude groups of people based on pages they have liked, interests, education, locations, and more. Think carefully about your ideal candidate and target accordingly.

5. Maximize Engagement With Perfectly Sized Images.

Having an image in a post makes it attractive and increases the chances of people by 230% more likely to interact with it. Use the right size photos so that your posts look good on Facebook and people using all devices can see it properly.

Using this huge platform for recruiting is a very effective way to reach candidates. This will give you many opportunities. You can connect with hard-to-reach but potential candidates.

-Sonia Shah