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Ways to Get Organic Traffic to Your Website

Ways to Get Organic Traffic to Your Website

The moment a digital marketer hears organic traffic, the very first thing to pop up in his is mind is definitely the three lettered star guider, SEO. Search engine optimisation, a three-level optimisation strategy one can use to garner organic traffic to their website. 

The three levels are namely, on-page, off page and technical SEO. A strategic approach to all three of them along with a coherent branding strategy can propel your pages to reach more and more people. Starting with on-page SEO, this has to do with optimising your UI, UX, design, content, keywords and your meta data. Effectively optimising these criteria can improve site’s bounce rates, click through rates, organic visits, etc. 

These are the things that you should check when deal with on-page SEO: –

  • Linking with anchor text
  • Updating meta descriptions for each page
  • Optimising ALT- texts
  • Using keywords in a decent natural amount
  • Using location tags for local SEO
  • Prompts for user to follow through.

Next is off-page SEO. Here main task is generating back links for your page. There are inbound and outbound links which need to be taken care of. Both the types of link have to be used properly in a specific way, inbound links need to be from authoritative and reputed sites. They should be of follow type unless it’s a paid promotion. Outbound links need to be put in an anchor text instead of the whole URL link. Generating backlinks is a tedious job and takes days and months to develop at times. They need to updated regularly to remove broken ones or the ones with less DA (domain authority). 

Finally technical SEO, this is like a backbone. The codes need to be in right places inorder for the website to function good. This part includes making sure the site is easy to read by the google crawl bots. 

One need to make sure there is: –

  • Robots.txt file
  • Sitemap.xml file 

Both in the root directory of the site. One also needs to make sure that if your site can apply schema structures, you should. As they help in making your page available and readable for rich snippets. Optimising all the three parts of SEO can easily make your rank higher in search results and in turn resulting in higher organic traffic to your website.