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World Got New Fastest Man Alive?

World Got New Fastest Man Alive?

World got new fastest man alive? This is the question which keeps coming to people’s mind now-a-days. A buffalo racer named Srinivas Gowda who is 28 years old has broken world record of Usain bolt as he sprinted 142 meters in 13.42 minutes.

He made this possible while competing in Kambala a very popular sporting event. He was running through slushy track. He made this impossible thing possible by holding 2 buffalo along him. Some people are saying that it was momentum of buffalos which helped him getting this top speed.

Gowda has got a cheque of 3 Lakh and will be giving trial in front of Sports Authority  of India (SAI). Gowda said that he never thought that he will run this fast.

President of Kambala Academy has said in an interview that Srinivas has given this festival related sporting event the much needed limelight which was necessary. The Kambala jockey has broken a 30 years old record of Kambala race. Srinivas is a construction worker.  Srinivas has finished 100 meters in 9.55 Seconds that is faster than Usain Bolt’s record. State government has said that they will provide necessary things to help him grow in his career and get more knowledge about professional racing to enhance his skills according to international standard.

That’s quite inspirational right? Is India will become the land of “Fastest man Alive”? That’s the question that will comes to everybody’s mind!

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