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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions
It is our humble request that you please go through the Terms and conditions carefully as it is applying to the use of the site and other web applications for creative site. We are focusing on the normal Terms and Conditions for the use of the web site

Terms of Payment
Quotes which are provided to the clients are valid for at least 30 days only from the date of issue of it. The payment pattern for our clients are mentioned below-

  • 35% -at the time when project is signed off. We would start working on the project once the payment is received at our end.
  • 35%- After the design is approved from client.
  • 30%-which is final would be invoiced prior to completion and should ensure that it is paid before the site goes live into the market.
  • In case due to some reasons the project is delayed extra 30 days from the committed date of completion, Mad Crayons do reserves the rights for issuing the final payment amount invoice which would be (minus of 5% from the total cost)
  • Once the project is deployed would request to get the final funds released.
  • 50% at the time of signing off the project. Work would start when payment is received at out end.
  • Final and ultimate payment of 50% should be invoiced prior to the completion of site and paid before the site is live.
  • In case of project exceeds the stipulated time frame from 30 days, company would reserve the rights to forward the invoice which would be minus of 5% from the total project cost.
  • After deployment of the project the final amount would be released.

Refunds or Cancellation of Project

  • All the amounts shared and deposited with respect to project are non-refundable AFT days have been elapsed from the date of deposit paid.
  • Once design work is signed off before the build of the site, all fees are recommended to be paid in due course, and no cancellation of orders would be accepted due to which all payments need to be made.
  • Fees which are charged on the prepay basis are non refundable.
  • The functionality, utilization or usability or limitations from both the eShop and eWeb CMS are no specific reason for not paying the left amount for website. In case you require a specific functionality, we do provide demos with respect to both CMS program which could be taken on trial before going ahead with purchase.
  • If there is any client who contravenes the terms and conditions of Mad Crayons, We reserve the right of terminating services immediately without any refunds.
  • In case of termination of the website due to expiry or cancellation, we ensure that we can re-install the website within the 12 months with specified cost of 30% amount. But in this case, client should have the backup of the running site at their end.
  • All the request with respect to cancellation would be accepted in writing. Few services which does includes eShop website, SEO, PPC would be requiring a cancellation form which should be signed which could be requested from the administrative team. We would be requiring 30 days notice.

After the advance payment, If the project gets cancelled

  • Before homepage designing started 80% amount will be refunded.
  • Once the homepage designing has been initiated 40% of the advance paid will be deducted as man power cost rest 60% of the amount will be returned.
  • After homepage completion, 50% of the advance will be refunded
  • After GUI/Inside pages of the site has been started or completed, No refund will be made.
  • No refunds will be there for the approved milestones.

Out of scope updates
With respect to any changes on the development of the project, or if the client engages us on materials and time basis, all work would be undertaken into the accordance of the hourly rates.

Intellectual property
Mad Crayons, do reserves the right for re-use of the development of the technical stuff during the whole project and would be retaining the Intellectual Property rights for every development taken place. The client would be holding the copyright on all the pending work payment for the final invoice.

The maintenance is build at our hourly or annual/monthly agreed terms of contract. We guarantee that every project would be completed and compatible with the latest version for all major browsers and platforms. Current releases would be referring to latest versions of the software at the time when the site is going live and versions released before it would not be included.

Windows (XP SP2 upto current full version)
Macintosh (OS 10.1 up to current full release version)

Google chrome Internet Explorer- version 9 up to current appropriate release Firefox 20 up to current full release Apple Safari- up to 10 till current versions

Extensions and Versions
In case of further enhancements or extensions, all work would be undertaken with accordance with the hourly rates specified or discussed with us. Our developers could be engaged or hired on times and material basis.

We are looking for positive response and proposals are considered based on the goodwill. We are proud to have goodwill from both the sides regarding our working.

  • What could easily be handled in the stipulated frame of time?
  • Making appropriate usage of resources for achieving effective results.

Overall Terms and Conditions for Website development
When you place an order with us, we are sure that you have gone through our terms and conditions and bound by it.

We would request our clients to share their agreement either via mail, fax or Email. An order is requested to be written contract between the client and our company.

Stages of Projects

  • We request our clients to go through the website and share their reviews within stipulated time frame of 5 business days.
  • We request our clients to review the overall framework development (Working website without content or empty website)-feedback to be received in 5 business days.
  • We request our clients to go through the overall websites which includes content and providing request for changes in just 3 business working days.
  • Final review would include the changes requested and send the feedback with approval for the launch of the site. In case there is any further changes to site after final approval would be considered as additional changes and would be charged on hourly basis.

Alterations and specification for systems
Each and every project would be having set parameters which are described in the proposal set forth with technical specifications. It would be also including an authorization form which would include agreement with the specifications and would be authorizing MAD CRAYONS to move ahead with their work. When it is commenced the development team would be proceeding further with the exact and correct specification as described in the document. In case of any amendments with regards to the project parameters after the project is commenced.

System errors or bugs
When the project has been delivered, hosted and approved on the company's server, the client would be offered with the 30 days grace period where Our Company would be addressing any issues or bugs reported by the client end without any charges. Once the grace period is over, any required maintenance would be billed on the standard rates.

Designing of Website
We do ensure that the project delivered are free of issues or errors, but surely doesn't accept or takes any responsibility with regards to loss incurred due to the malfunction of website. Any associated graphics or project and files are property of MAD CRAYONS until all the amounts are paid in full. In case clients need to sell them off, they would need to take the approval of MAD CRAYONS before moving ahead with it. Our company would not be taking any responsibility for any of the copyright or infringements of the privacy which is caused due to the materials submitted by the clients and would be refuting until the permission is sanctioned by the authorized person. It's responsibility of the client to share all the information with respect to site for completion of website which includes graphics, content, email ids etc. Our company would not be responsible for costs incurred, loss of earnings or compensation just because of failure from the side of clients. Our company would not be interfering in between the clients and their customers at any point of time when dispute arises. Mad Crayons would not be liable for any losses, compensation or false earnings due to the works carried on behalf of the clients or any of the agents by the clients.

Data Entry and Content
It's overall responsibility of client to provide the developing team with appropriate content without the issue of copyrights. All the content should be handed over on the stipulated time frame so that no delays could occur. Our company would not be taking any responsibility on issues with respect to spelling or grammar. Content should follow the guidelines and direction of the Sitemap. In case, if the sitemap is indicating 5 pages then the content should be provided for 5 pages.

Delays with respect to projects
When the project is having the final approval of the project, then MAD CRAYONS would be finalizing the timeframe for both the parties. In case client delays the project by 2 months, then MAD CRAYONS would be having rights to charge funds according to the delay of projects for recovering cost associated with the ongoing project handling. It's our request that before going live, client should have a thorough testing, so that issues could be highlighted and corrected. Client need to provide the information related to servers to the developing team when servers are not recommended by our team. Any assistance with regards to hosting on external servers would be incurred extra charges.

We ensure that our site would be compatible with all the browsers mentioned by the clients in their specification. Further to intimation that we would not be responsible for future versions compatibility. May be would be having some changes when new versions are forced into market.

Our expert team would be providing training to the client's team via online interactions but that would depend on the request of the client.

Where to do Payment?
We request our client to do the payments based on the terms already set forth in the account we tell them only. Any of the outstanding accounts with respect to the completed work by our company or our affiliates would require full amount in 7 days and no further delays would be entertained from the date of invoice. Our any of the accounts team member would be sending the reminder to the concerned team and in case not handled would result into denial of access of website.

Procedure for Complaint
In case any of our clients are witnessing any issues with respect to their sites, could reach out to us either via their project manager whose id is [email protected] or [email protected]. Clients are requested to share the brief description of issue so that could be checked at our end or if they could share the URL where issue is coming.

Procedure of formal complaint
We request that a formal complaint should be reported in written where we would be acknowledging receipt and would ensure that it would be examined in just 2 working days and a initial response would be shared with client in 7 days of business working. Full and final issue of solution could be provided in 30 days time duration. We would ensure that any appropriate solution would be provided in stipulated time frame intimated to them.

Governing Law
This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and in any dispute arising out of or relating to this agreement, the Parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts situated at New Delhi, India.